Cask Handling Equipment

We are an innovative company designing and manufacturing equipment to solve your material handling problems.

Cask Handling Equipment

Cask Kickers

Cooperage Equipment

Cask Trailers

Mains Powered Stacker Trucks

Cask Upenders

Whisky Platforms

We manufacture an extensive range of cask handling equipment.

Our cask handling equipment is designed with the requirements of the end user in mind and can be configured to suit different cask sizes, different warehouse racking heights, different warehouse aisle widths and so on.

During the design process we fully take into account the unique environment in which our cask handling equipment will be used and so it is fully compliant with the latest ATEX regulations.

Our cask handling equipment is used by all of the major distillers and its’ heavy duty specification has provided them with many years of reliable service.

If the item of cask handling equipment that you are looking for is not listed above, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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